Friday, July 3, 2015

3rd of July update!

Good evening everyone! As we get back into the swing of thing's this coming up week please take note that the EX COM Meeting is this coming Thursday at NOON! 07/09/2015!!

Tomorrow Is the 4th and we will be in Kingfisher in the morning for their Parade! We hope to see you all their! Plus we are working on something special for all the members that attend tomorrow!

No mater what you all do stay safe the weekend!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Update from June's meeting and elections

Good afternoon everyone! This a Update on the yearly elections. Every year in June we have are elections for the next year. So this is the list of the updated officers for Northwest Chapter 66.

Commander:                                            Don Eck

Sr. Vice Commander:                              Chris Harrington

Jr. Vice Commander:                               Ernie Kingcade

Treasurer:                                                 Michael Hassler

Chaplin:                                                   Michael Manley

Judge Advocate:                                      Craig Vance


Danny Webber
Michael McCauley
Dennis Sawyer
Earl Melvin

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Woodring Memorial Day Update!

Memorial Day Team,
In consulting with Dan Ohnesorge, Airport Manager, we have made the executive decision to move the Memorial Day Ceremonies into the large City Hanger at Woodring.  This is the location where the food is always served following the services.  
With all the rain we have received and the rain expected, the veterans park would be saturated (even if it doesn’t rain on Monday) and the chairs would be sinking into the grass.  The stage would also be difficult to get maneuvered into place without creating large ruts in the park.  This is obviously a setback but the ceremony will not change.  It is better to honor those men and women by keeping the park intact than to make a muddy mess that will take months to repair.
We will have no need for the tent set up on Friday.  Larry, please thank our sponsor for his efforts.  The only portion of the ceremony that will be affected by this decision is the Living Wall dedication and the Name Additions Ceremony for the Vietnam Memorial Wall.  The speeches will continue as planned.  The only difference is that the people attending will not view the reveal of the stone nor will they witness the names being placed on the wall.  Those actions will still be conducted as per the master script.  The BL Honor Guard will still lead the Vietnam Veterans out of the large City hanger while Col Quinn is presenting his remarks.  When he says Detail…Post Names…the names will still be placed on the wall.  We will still observe the moment of silence, will still ring the bell 32 times and will still hear taps.  It will just be a little further away.
Thank you for your understanding.  But the preservation of our park is the our first priority and an honor we must uphold.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Toys for Tots 17th Annual Golf Tournament


DAV Sues VA Over “Veteran-Unfriendly” Claims System

posted on May 7, 2015 

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 6, 2015)— DAV (Disabled American Veterans) along with the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) filed suit today against the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding detrimental policy changes now in effect for VA’s disability claims process.

On March 24, VA officially ended the informal claims process which allowed veterans to start a claim simply by making a written request. VA would previously acknowledge this as the effective start of the claims process. A veteran then had one year to file the completed claim and any benefits awarded would be backdated to the day of the initial request.
The new policy requires veterans to complete a standardized form, and VA will neither accept informal requests nor directly provide the proper form for veterans who fail to comply.

“We feel the new policy is both inflexible and unsupportive for veterans,” said DAV National Service Director Jim Marszalek. “Some veterans may be physically, mentally or financially unable to access the correct forms and VA is not providing a reasonable accommodation.”

“This creates an unfair disadvantage for many veterans and places them in a situation where critical compensation will be denied or delayed.”

The lawsuit reads, “The VA has created a rigid and veteran-unfriendly system for filing claims for benefits. This has the effect of denying compensation to veterans by postponing the effective date for veterans who do not initially use the standardized form or prescribed oral communication.” It further notes VA is required by law to furnish “all forms and all instructions necessary to apply for a benefit.”

“Congress’ intent for the VA was to create a system that would ‘fully and sympathetically develop the veteran’s claim to its optimum before deciding on its merits,’ and that is clearly not the case with this new policy,” said Marszalek.
DAV empowers veterans to lead high-quality lives with respect and dignity. It is dedicated to a single purpose: fulfilling our promises to the men and women who served. DAV does this by ensuring that veterans and their families can access the full range of benefits available to them; fighting for the interests of America’s injured heroes on Capitol Hill; and educating the public about the great sacrifices and needs of veterans transitioning back to civilian life. DAV, a nonprofit organization with 1.2 million members, was founded in 1920 and chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1932.